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AZUSA Release New Single & New Album Announced

Norwegian thrash metal act AZUSA released today this week a new single “Memories Of An Old Emotion” – which is part of the upcoming full-length album titled “Loop Of Yesterdays”, due April 10th via Indie Records.

AZUSA features (members of Extol, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sea + Air).

Wild, fast and impetuous, the “Memories Of An Old Emotion” commence.

This dark side of AZUSA’s progressive ‘avant-thrash’, gets interplayed by psychedelic dream-pop elements and Eleni’s sirenic voice.

Rhythmic twists, and progressive transitions dominate the guitar sound, while the voice shines like a sunbeam through the voluminous clouds of atmosphere.

After an incredible debut album, “Memories Of An Old Emotion” hit hard, and once again proof the unique sound of AZUSA.

The new album and other band merchandise is available at Indie Records official store.


AZUSA was formed in 2018 and the current line-up is by Eleni Zafiriadou (Vocals), Liam Wilson (Bass), Christer Espevoll (guitars) and David Husvik (Drums).

More details about the band can be found on their Facebook or Instagram.

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