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DARK VALLEY new single “Ophelia” released

With reference to Hamlet, the song “Ophelia” propels an alternative journey creating new chances for Shakespeare's character

Brazilian Symphonic Metal band DARK VALLEY released a music video for the new single “Ophelia“. This is the second single from their upcoming debut album.

The song “Ophelia”, based on Shakespeare’s character in the play Hamlet, is written by Ana Carla De Carli and Fernando Cezar Junior (guitarist); the orchestral arrangements were created by Melissa Ironn and the art of the single by Derek Castro.

Watch “Ophelia” at the player below:

DARK VALLEY‘s new single is all about a new chance the character Ophelia has to express herself after a love disappointment and consequent very early death. According to the singer and songwriter Ana Carla, the representation of Ophelia is interpreted as one of the most tense and unfair romantic tragedies. Since the character is a victim of other people’s decisions, as Hamlet’s lover, the symbolism around her death has already served as inspiration for several artists.

In “This Is War“, DARK VALLEY’s first single released in January, this same character is voicing the pain and suffering she went through, but in a very strong way. The idea that only after her death she can speak about her feelings symbolizes the intensity of this violence, in addition to referring to a moment of conflict in Shakespeare’s original play. An innocent woman’s insurgency and death was pictured, as a side effect of a war that was not hers. And this time, in the song “Ophelia”, she will speak in first person about her sufferings in order to start a journey that allows her a new chance, after her passage.

Watch “This Is War“, the first single released by DARK VALLEY:

DARK VALLEY is a metal band formed in 2015, in Porto Alegre (Brazil), with musicians active in the local rock and metal scene. According to Ana Carla, bands like Jinjer, Lacuna Coil and Arch Enemy are some of the sound influences of this most recent record. For current live performances, Dark Valley teams up with drummer Felipe Paedo and bassist Rodrigo Morales.

Dark Valley - Ophelia
Photo by: Bebel Osorio

The debut album “Tales from Dark Valley” will be released in late 2020, with seven new tracks. Ana Carla and Alberto Boa Vista are the executive producers, and the recording sessions were held by by Fernando Cezar Junior (guitars), Jackson Harvelle (bass) and Andrêss Fontanella (drums).

Production and mixing are signed by Renato Osorio and Benhur Lima, musicians with international curriculum in the metal scene.

More information about DARK VALLEY can be seen on their Official Website.

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