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EVIL INVADERS new live video for “Victim Of Sacrifice”

Belgian Thrash/Speed Metal band EVIL INVADERS released their first live album + DVD via Napalm Records in 2019. “Surge of Insanity – Live in Antwerp 2018” is the band’s ultimate hometown takeover, recorded at the Trix Zaal in Antwerp in 2018, and immortalizes their incredible high-octane live phenomenon in sound and vision.

With their “Surge of Insanity – Live in Antwerp 2018“, the band’s trademark sound – nestled in between death, thrash, progressive touches and traditional heavy metal – has reached another heady and exciting dimension that is second to none.

EVIL INVADERS are the ultimate expression of aggression – an unstoppable roller coaster ride of tempo switches and twists from start to finish. In times of Covid-19, EVIL INVADERS have just recently streamed their DVD under the flag of their labels’ highly acclaimed #NapalmSofaSeries. But to keep you heavy while being lockdown at home, the band has now unleashed the blistering live clip to “Victim Of Sacrifice“!

Watch at the player below:

Victim Of Sacrifice is the first track on our first release (EP) back in 2013.” Frontman Joe comments. “It was one of the first songs I ever wrote back in the day and ’till today it has always been in our live set. It’s the last track we play live and as soon as that bass intro is done all hell breaks loose. All the energy that we have left just bursts out as soon as this song ends and personally I usually lose my mind completely. You can probably see that in the video haha!

EVIL INVADERS was formed in 2007 and the current line-up is Joe (Vocals / Guitars), Max (Lead Guitars), Senne (Drums) and Joeri (Bass).

More information about the band can be found on their Facebook Page.

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