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FENRIR’S SCAR new lyric video “Fearless Heart” released

Brazilian Gothic Metal duo FENRIR’S SCAR released a brand new lyric video for the track “Fearless Heart“, the first track from their debut album released in 2017.

Watch the video below:

Due the COVID-19 outbreak, their upcoming album “Love | Hate | Hope | Despair”, needed to be postponed. “Fearless Heart tells a story of the Fenrir Wolf from Norse Mythology. While doing some research, I discovered myths such as Fenrir Wolf and Ragnarok are related to the way the ancient Norse see astronomy and phenomena like comets and eclipses.” Comments the vocalist Desireé Rezende.

“Furthermore, we tell the story from the perspective of the Fenrir Wolf, who is generally treated as a villain or a monster. In our view he was deceived by the gods, and conditioned by them to revolt, and in the end his strength and his heart without fear, it will set him free”. Adds André Baida.

Also watch “From Porcelain To Ivory“, the first official video from FENRIR’S SCAR:

Formed in 2015, FENRIR’S SCAR is formed by Desireé Rezende (Vocals) and André Baida (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys). The name is inspired by the Norse myth of Fenrir, the giant wolf, combined with the word “Scar”, which references to a heavy sound but overflowing with emotions. The duo defines their music as Alternative Gothic Metal.

More information about the band can be found on their Facebook Page or Official Website.

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