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New OF COLOURS video “Bleak” released

German Female-Fronted Modern Metal band OF COLOURS released a new music video for the track “Bleak” featuring Dennis Landt from Watch Out Stampede.

Watch the video below:

For “Bleak”, the first new track since their latest album “Entelechy”, OF COLOURS seem to have turned off the lights completely and they proudly present the bruises you can get from the rough edges of their sound.

OF COLOURS frontwoman Anne Brendel provides an outline of what her band likes to express with “Bleak”:

“It’s about the egocentric behaviour of humanity and the total exhaustion of the resources that’s coming along with it. The song is accusing, provoking and uncomfortable on purpose. How are we supposed to go on, if no one is looking out for the people around them anymore? The human touch is running the risk of getting lost in an elbow society.”

The band is currently working on a new album.

More information can be found on their Facebook Page.


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