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PILE OF PRIESTS self-titled new album released

For fans of Death, Edge of Sanity, Pestilence

USA Extreme Metal band PILE OF PRIESTS self-titled album is now available via Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Italy’s Rockshots Records. For the album’s release day, the band has unleashed a new lyric video for their track “Conjunction of Souls” featuring guest vocals from Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires).

Watch the lyric video below:

About “Conjunction of Souls“, the band adds: “Another go-getter track, fast and beefy riffs. Here we see Adrienne Cowan’s guest female vocals show up for the first time, and alongside Evan’s vocalist in the chorus. This track is to the point and guaranteed to give you the stank face.

Dark and melodic, the Progressive Death Metal album is a huge milestone for the band as it encompasses the style they have been striving to portray for a long time.

The conceptual album takes place centuries ago in a fictional universe, not unlike our own. The story is about an exiled prince who seeks to end the reign of his deranged father.

Meant to be listened from front to back with each song leading into the next, the band shares their expected reaction of the album:

We believe fans will be surprised by certain elements of this record but ultimately very satisfied. There is something for everyone in this one; powerhouse vocals, sinister riffing, silky solos, harmonies to make your hair stand up, and some beautiful melodic passages.

“Pile of Priests” album order is available at this location.

PILE OF PRIESTS was formed in October of 2009 in Denver, Colorado as a three-piece death/thrash metal band, and later developed more of a progressive death metal approach. Led by guitarist, vocalist, and composer Evan Salvador; the band focuses its lyrical themes on the heinous hypocrisies of organized religion and the eternal struggles of the human condition.

More information about the band can be found on their Facebook Page.

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