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Watch PSYCHOSANE lyric video “To The Devil”

Brazilian Heavy/Thrash Metal band PSYCHOSANE published their latest lyric video for the track “To The Devil“, which is part of their EP released in 2019 “Laws of Aggression“, featuring 6 tracks.

Watch the official lyric video at the player below:

The full EP “Laws Of Agression” can be streamed at the Spotify Player below and is also available at Deezer, Google Play and SoundCloud.

PSYCHOSANE started as a tribute band for Adrenaline Mob.

The name choice was created on one of the tracks on the “Omertá” album, released in 2012. But soon the musicians realized a potential for something much bigger.

The first formation released the band’s debut single, “Road” in 2015. In 2017, the band continued to work with a new formation. PSYCHOSANE started producing the first EP at this time.

Laws of Aggression is the their debut EP, after reformulating the band.

Now the current lineup is formed by Marcelo Seabra (Vocals), Roberto Jean (Drums), Heuler Schivo (Guitars) and Leonardo Balaban (Bass).

More information about PSYCHOSANE can be found on their Facebook Page, YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile.

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