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RAGE IN MY EYES: Acoustic version of “Death Sleepers” and tribute to Andre Matos

Brazilian Power Metal band RAGE IN MY EYES recently launched a acoustic video for the track “Death Sleepers“, which is part of their debut album “Ice Cell”, released in 2019.

Watch at the player below:

The band also published an exclusive tribute do Andre Matos (ANGRA, SHAMAN, VIPER), a brand new song was created dedicated to the singer, entitled “I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye”.

The song was released in lyric video format, produced by Carlos Fides, from Artside Studio and had the participation of about 100 fans, who sent photos with his idol, at different times in his career. Known for his charisma and simplicity, each photo shows an authentic joy, in both parts, demonstrating the affection of the fans and the retribution on the part of Andre Matos.

To further illustrate the tribute, an exclusive art was created, created by graphic artist João Duarte, which will be used as a cover for the release of a single of the song.

Watch the video below:

For 16 years the band went under the name Scelerata, that had a huge history in the Brazilian heavy metal scenario. The band had three albums released worldwide, including the acclaimed album The Sniper – partially recorded in Germany, at the Blind Guardian studio – that featured guest appearances from Paul DiAnno (former Iron Maiden) and Andi Deris (Helloween).

RAGE IN MY EYES is formed by Jonathas Pozo (Vocals), Magnus Wichmann (Guitar), Leo Nunes (Guitar), Pedro Fauth (Bass) and Francis Cassol (Drums).

More information about the band can be found on their Facebook Page and Official Website.

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