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“The Sounds of Insomia”, the first single of AVERLANCHE now released

Finnish Melodic Metal female-fronted band AVERLANCHE released their first single “The Sound of Insomnia“, which is part of their upcoming debut album.

AVERLANCHE combines catchy melodies with beautiful female vocals. Their sound is influenced by Finnish heavy metal music from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Vocalist Rebecca Spörl is originally from Germany, where she lived until she moved to Finland in 2014.

Listen to “The Sound of Insomnia“:

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Hiili Hiilesmaa who has worked with bands like HIM, Moonspell, Sentenced and Apocalyptica.

It was recorded at Studio Watercastle by Arttu Sarvanne in fall 2019.

Averlanche’s keyboardist Antti Kopra talks about the album: “This first album came together naturally while playing and growing together as a band for the last couple of years. As a composer it has always been important to me to find the core of a song and then shape the music towards that direction. I personally like melodic music with a catchy chorus and a story to tell. That shows in our songs as well. For our debut album we selected 10 easily approachable songs and the single The Sounds of Insomnia paints a good picture of the album’s musical narrative – while not giving away the whole story.”

More information about AVERLANCHE can be found on their Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.



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