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TUATHA DE DANANN releases new video “Conjura”

Brazilian folk-metal band TUATHA DE DANANN released the lyric video of “Conjura“. The release date was chosen because it marked the last of the main meetings of the miners in the same day, held in 1788, in Ouro Preto, in the flagship of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

“Conjura” is the third video from the CD “The Tribes of Witching Souls” and deals with the “Inconfidência Mineira” movement, which aimed at the independence of Minas Gerais from Portuguese domination.

“It’s a tribute we made to this very important episode of Brazilian history. Around Inconfidência we have everything: love, poetry, revolt, greed, betrayal, heroism, cowardice and blood”.

Explains Bruno Maia, author of the song and lyrics

The video for “Conjura” was produced by Raoni Joseph and highlights classic paintings depicting the Inconfidente, Tiradentes and photos of the places where the sedition had the most fans such as Ouro Preto, São João del Rei and Tiradentes.

In 2018, the video editor also produced the lyric video from “Your Wall Shall Fall,” single from “The Tribes of Witching Souls.”

The album was released by Heavy Metal Rock in early 2019.

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