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VERIKALPA set to release second album

The sophomore album for the Finnish folk-metal band

VERIKALPA, a finnish folk-metal band from Oulu, is set to release their second album “Tuoppitanssi” in 21st February 2020. The first single Talonväen Teuraat received an official video, watch below.

The new album was produced by Janne Huotari at Surf Sound studio (Oulu), with the artwork made by Sakari Forstadius. All the lyrical concept of the album is inspired by the classical Finnish pagan folklore.

VERIKALPA was formed in 2015, and the current lineup is Jani Ikonen (Vocals), Sami Knuutinen (Bass), Jussi Sauvola (Keyboards), Jari Huttunen (Drums), Jussi Heikkilä (Guitars) and Sami Ikonen (Guitars).

The band sound is highly recommended for fans of Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Turisas, Trollfest and Ensiferum.

You can follow VERIKALPA on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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