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Watch SCORN Guitar Playthrough “A Lack of Communication”

The track comes off new album "A Comedic Tragedy"

Unleashing the full length “A Comedic Tragedy” this past January, Canadian technical death metal SCORN has posted a new guitar playthrough for the track “A Lack of Communication“, which can be seen below:

Guitarist Steven Rowlands comments:

This song was the second last song written for the album and the lyrics are basically just about what I consider to be, for the sake of professionalism, “silly” as well as me not being able to communicate my ideas or my thoughts across because overthink things a lot and get ahead of myself in my own brain and tend to have a lot of cognitive dissonance. The song’s music was really easy to write though. It seemed that the riffs just flowed out when I was writing them

Formed with the intention of playing high-intensity death metal, SCORN has risen from the depths of Guelph, Ontario bringing a formidable onslaught of harsh riffs and crushing vocals.

Having experience in other projects, the duo of Julian Dutton and Steven Rowlands came together in 2015 to flesh out their technical death metal dreams in a flurry of abrasive melodies with brutal undertones. Although SCORN started as a group project, it is now a solo project of Rowlands who has taken over writing, programming, and performance of all aspects of the tracks. While the band is currently solo, there is the possibility of a full band forming or live shows and future albums.

Listen “A Comedic Tragedy”:

Highlighting their aggression, and with the music influencing the lyrical content, SCORN writes about personal conflicts, with things being emphasized for dramatism, and other personal topics.

Their debut EP “To Bleed or Not To Bleed” was released in 2015 and followed by the full-length “A Comedic Tragedy” released during January 2020. Recording and writing duties were mainly done by Steven Rowlands except for tracks ‘Dense Mind’, ‘Psychotic Acts’, ‘Demented’, ‘Phagocytosis’ with Julian Dutton plus ‘Chemical Lobotomy’ with Alex Snape and the album’s last track ‘Falling Fortress’, Rowland’s own father contributed lyrics. The album was produced by Steven Rowlands and Alex Snape of Nomadic Media.

More information about the band can be found on their Facebook Page or YouTube channel.

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